100 Books for 2015

Happy New Year guys.

In the last year I have come across a lot of great writers including John Green – the author of happy tear jerker book The Fault In Our Stars. If for some reason you’d turned into a burrito and you haven’t of this novel or movie I strongly suggest you read it. John Green has an amazing mind and is active on social media.

You can also find him on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGaVdbSav8xWuFWTadK6loA.

I’ve also had the pleasure of discovering awesome comic book writers including Brian K. Vaughan  who wrote Saga and AMAZING story following the lives of an extraterrestrial races at war which is beautifully illustrated by the talented  Fiona Staples.

Brian K. Vaughan also Wrote the Y: The Last Man Series, where all the men on earth drop dead except one man and his male monkey. Could you imagine? Guys are a headache sometimes but I love my guys.

As far as my own writing pursuits I am currently working on two novels. A psychological thriller entertaining the amount of crime that happens during the holiday season and another novel involving two college students fighting against the struggles of life, drugs, death and all chaos trying to be someone brings.

I usually don’t wait until New Years to make new goals. However this year along with some friends I have decided I want to read at least 100 new books for the year of 2015.

Keep up with the books I’m reading this year and if you guys have any suggestions to great books, Please tell me, let’s discover gems together.

I just started reading Cry of the Drummer by John Michael Austin. I found this book in a book store after perusing through the discounted books shelves at BookOff USA a book store on West 45th street in NYC. Unfortunately I cannot find any more books by this author I will keep looking through because his writing style is very conversational and his understanding of human behavior and interactions intrigues me. It’s a great book and an easy read so far, I started it yesterday and I’m half way through it. I love rock music and am also fascinated wit their lives and this book is a vivid description of what I imagine a victim of the rock n roll dream of a guy who can’t get a deal.

cry of the drummer

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Read some more and keep it Great it 2015,